10 Interesting and Unique Uses For Bamboo


1. To Promote Fertility in Cows!

This one is super strange. Tabasheer, the powdered, hardened secretion from bamboo (made from the gooey stuff) is used in villages in Indonesia to help bovine fertility. Apparently mixing the substance with their water will increase the chance of pregnancy. We highly recommend trying this at home :)

2. For Bamboo Bath Towels

Bamboo fibre can be used in composite with cotton to make luxurious bamboo bath towels. The folks at Bamboo Beach in Sydney, Australia swear that it’s the softest most comfortable way to get dry.

3. To Make Furniture

I’m sure you’re already aware of this one but you might be surprised to learn what kind of furniture bamboo can make. How about bamboo computers, bamboo smart cars, bamboo skateboards and bamboo sunglasses. Bamboo sunglass company Panda are making some really cool shades right now.

Photo Corner Bamboo

[Image courtesy of: Photo Corner Northern Beaches]

4. Diapers!

That’s right, dirty baby nappies made from bamboo. Bamboo cloth has antibacterial properties which are retained even after repeat washing. Now your little ones can be trendy eco friendly urban dwellers from the age of, well, zero.

Go green. Go brown and green.

5. Bicycle Frames

Bike company¬†Calfee Design have made a killer bamboo bike frame. one can only imagine that it’s super light and strong. Definitely a new contender on the Tour de France we think!


6. Beer!

That’s right bamboo is used to make our favorite beverage. Canadian brewery Bamboo Beer¬†have a created a “beer with benefits”. Using the finest malt, hops and bamboo creates a unique refreshing taste according to their website and to be honest they’ve very much piqued my curiosity. I just checked the fridge and all I have is conventional beer. Hmm… Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers :)

7. Musical Instruments

Bamboo can be used to make really cool musical instruments. Korea and Japan have been busting out cool looking, cool sounding bamboo instruments for centuries.

Bamboo flutes are the most common of bamboo instruments but you can also get drums, panpipes, and bamboo versions of western instruments such as saxophones, clarinets and tubas.

Take a watch of this video to see a bamboo sax in action:

8. Scoffolding

Bamboo scaffolding is commonly used in some developing parts of the world. in Hong Kong it is preferred over steel scaffolding due to it’s abundance and flexibility.

Take a look at this fascinating article showing how bamboo scaffolding is still used to build skyscrapers in Hong Kong. Awesome!


9. Medicine

Bamboo is used all over China to treat a variety of illnesses ranging from fever to diarrhea. I wonder if it would work to treat bamboo beer hangovers? Worth investigating at least.

10. Building Roads

Bamboo bridges are used in China and can support vehicle weights of over 16 tons, now that’s strong!